Cameron and Evie MSU

September. The month of such change. A new year at school. A new place at College or University. A new dive list to be prepared for the Southampton Invitational! Laced with excitement, terror, joy, and sadness.

Cameron Gammage

We have all watched every dive in awe; sometimes not appreciating that the tiny tot we applauded rapturously for their first back fall, was now performing a multi-twisting, multi somersaulting back dive from the ten metre platform.
Those ‘littluns’ that we watched making hats out of their chamois’ are adults all too soon. Moving on to new challenges and opportunities.

And when it comes to grabbing an opportunity, and taking on a challenge; Evie Johnson and Cameron Gammage have decided to go big!!

The University of Michigan, founded over two hundred years ago, is ranked as one of the best Public Universities in the United States. The near 800 acre campus houses some of the finest sporting and academic facilities in the world, and can now boast two of the SDA’s finest! Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. U-M is West of Detroit, and nestled between the Great Lakes.

Evie Johnson

Although they will be spending countless early morning hours in the Donald B Canham Natatorium (that’s the fifty metre swimming and diving complex to you and me!), U-M provides the perfect sporting and academic destination for the globe trotting SDA pair. Other facilities include an ice skating arena, baseball stadium, multiple basketball courts, countless gyms and training grounds. All readily available to the sporting academic!

They will also undoubtedly be drawn to the Michigan University’s football stadium at some point during their stay. Known as The Big House, Michigan Stadium is not only the largest stadium in the United States, but the third largest stadium in the world!

OK, so they do things on a different scale; but this time they’ve bagged two of the best.

Good luck Cameron. Good luck Evie. It has been an absolute honour to watch your journey through the years!

Let there be cake!