Southampton Invitational 2015

15th Southampton Invitational

It’s the event of the year, and this year it was bigger than ever!!

Southampton Diving Academy returned to the boards for the new diving season to claim success, hosting its 15th Southampton Invitational competition. The home team retained the team trophy once again. Over 160 divers from up and down the UK attended this three day event which showcased some of the best young divers in Great Britain, many of whom will undoubtedly become our diving stars of the future.

Leading the way for SDA was GB International Gemma McArthur who proved unbeatable in the Girls 16+ age group with an excellent display to win 3 gold medals in the 1m and 3m springboard, and the platform competitions.  In the Boys 16+ age group Scott Palmer had to fight hard against some outstanding competition, he pulled off an inward two and a half somersaults on the 3m springboard to take the silver and took the bronze on the 1m springboard. Meanwhile his team mate William Osborne did the same dive from the 7.5m platform event to take a well-deserved bronze medal.

In Boys 14/15 years, Cameron Gammage and Thomas Bailey led the charge for Southampton, and battling against some seriously strong divers, both made the finals in all three events. Cameron took silver in the 3m springboard and a bronze on the platform scoring a rare 8 for his back two and a half somersaults. Thomas took the bronze on the 1m springboard with three really consistent dives. In the Girls 14/15 years, SDA were simply unstoppable. In spite of there being 36 divers in this group battling for a top 6 place, Gabrielle Kirkham, diving up an age group for Southampton did brilliantly to reach the finals on the platform however her 3 team mates hogged the podium with Emily Martin at her best taking Gold with some stunning diving and fellow SDA divers Tanya Watson and Lucy Hawkins taking joint silver. Not content with that, Emily, Tanya and Lucy also took 1-2-3 on the 1m springboard and Tanya a third medal, this time gold on the 3m.

Angus Kerr, diving in the boys 12/13 years, was just as dominant. It was a closely fought contest against his rivals from City of Sheffield, but Angus clawed his way to a bronze in the Platform and stormed to victory in the 1m and 3m taking the gold in both events with some beautiful diving and scoring straight 7’s for his two and a half pike somersault on the 3m.

Evelyna Johnson secured gold on the 1m springboard  in the Girls 12/13 holding her nerve to produce some very solid dives.

Many other SDA divers to achieve a place in the finals, winning top six medals and contributing to the team trophy win were: Elliott Moorhouse, Leon Baker, Milo French, Tyler Lane, Thomas Graham and Reuben Brown.

A hard fought battle in a truly tough sport requiring strength, courage and grace.


Full Results:


Girls Group D & Under 1m

15th  Dulcie Wilson, 18th Collette Guyett-Smith

Girls Group D & Under 3m

14th  Dulcie Wilson

Girls Group D & Under Platform

15th Collette Guyett-Smith, 18th Dulcie Wilson

Boys Group D & Under 1m

5th  Leon Baker, 9th Robbie Lee, 14th  Milo French, 18th Nathan Bull, 20th Bryn James

Boys Group D & Under 3m

6th Milo French, 11th Leon Baker, 17th Robbie Lee, 19th Bryn James, 20th Nathan Bull

Boys Group D & Under Platform

7th Milo French, 12th Robbie Lee, 16th Leon Baker

Girls Group C 1m

1st Evelyna Johnson, 10th Victoria Ward, 15th Tia Pritchard, 16th Sofia Sathio, 17th Milly Batten, 21st Maya Kutty, 25th Astrid Davis, 29th Grace Hill

Girls Group C 3m

6th Evelyna Johnson, 10th Milly Batten, 17th Tia Pritchard, 23rd Victoria Ward, 24th Sofia Sathio, 29th Maya Kutty, 34th Astrid Davis

Girls Group C Platform

8th Evelyna Johnson, 11th  Tia Pritchard, 17th Milly Batten, 19th Victoria Ward, 23rd Astrid Davis, 25th Sofia Sathio,

Boys Group C 1m

1st  Angus Kerr, 12th Reuben Brown, 13th Ashley Burnard, 18th Ethan Bennett

Boys Group C 3m

1st  Angus Kerr, 19th Ethan Bennett, 20th Ashley Burnard, 21st  Reuben Brown, 23rd Oliver Cazaly

Boys Group C Platform

3rd  Angus Kerr, 6th Reuben Brown, 17th Ethan Bennett, 20th Ashley Burnard

Girls Group B 1m

1st  Emily Martin, 2nd Tanya Watson, 3rd  Lucy Hawkins, 19th  Jessica Bennett, 24th  Katie McArthur, 29th Nicole van Hoof, 30th Gabrielle Kirkham, 31st Megan Curtis,

33rd Chloe Harrington.

Girls Group B 3m

1st  Tanya Watson, 6th Emily Martin, 9th Lucy Hawkins, 15th Jessica Bennett, 19th  Katie McArthur, 26th Gabrielle Kirkham, 28th Ella Anderson, 29th Megan Curtis, 31st Chloe Harrington, 34th Nicole van Hoof

Girls Group B Platform

1st Emily Martin, =2nd  Lucy Hawkins & Tanya Watson, 6th Gabrielle Kirkham, 10th  Jessica Bennett, 17th  Katie McArthur, 19th Megan Curtis, 20th Ella Anderson

Boys Group B 1m

2nd Thomas Bailey, 4th Cameron Gammage, 6th Tyler Lane,

Boys Group B 3m

2nd Cameron Gammage, 5th  Thomas Bailey , 8th  Tyler Lane

Boys Group B Platform

3rd Cameron Gammage, 4th  Thomas Bailey

Girls Group A+ 1m

1st  Gemma McArthur

Girls Group A+ 3m

1st Gemma McArthur

Girls Group A+ Platform

1st Gemma McArthur

Boys Group A+ 1m

3rd Scott Palmer, 4th Thomas Graham, 5th Elliot Moorhouse, 8th William Osborne

Boys Group A+ 3m

2nd Scott Palmer, 4th William Osborne, 5th Eilliot Moorhouse, 6th Thomas Graham

Boys Group A+ Platform

3rd William Osborne, 4th Elliot Moorhouse, 5th Thomas Graham, 6th Scott Palmer

We have some fantastic photos of the event this year…lots of them! Parents can view them by logging in and visiting the gallery page.

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