Southampton Invitational 2014

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Southampton Diving Academy returned to the boards for the new diving season to claim success, hosting its 13th Southampton Invitational competition, the team retained the team trophy once again. This three day event attracts some of the best divers in Great Britain and many are stars of the future.  Amongst this year’s pickings were several Southampton GB/England International divers, and also a guest German International diver who SDA are currently hosting from a fellow club in Berlin.

Leading the way for SDA was Max Cott who dominated the boys 14/15 age group with an excellent display to win 3 gold medals in the 1m and 3m springboard, and the platform competitions.  Max showcased new dives from the 10m board, holding his concentration and executing a fantastic handstand double somersault, impressing the judges and attracting scores of 8’s.  Teammate Brandon Foster joined Max on the podium in the platform event after winning the preliminarily with a personal best score with mainly 7.5’s and 8’s, just slipping into to silver place in the final.  Brandon also took the bronze on 3m springboard – both boys achieved several personal best scores with several new dives.

On form, Angus Kerr, diving in the boys 12/13 years, also used this opening event to the competitive diving season to perform some of his new dives to win a trio of medals, silver in his 3m springboard and Platform events and gold on the 1m springboard.  Angus secured his place in all three finals in top three positions with personal best scores.

German International Springboard diver Frithjof Seidel enjoyed success in both Boys 16+ years springboard events winning the 3m event 24.2 points ahead of the silver medallist.  Frithjof also took the silver medal in the 3m springboard event.  “It is an honour to spend two months in Great Britain, I feel very delighted to have the opportunity to compete at The Southampton Invitational.” Seidel remarked.

Lucy Hawkins enjoyed a successful weekend in the girls 14/15 years settling for silver in a high scoring platform event just behind the gold medallist despite executing an outstanding back two and half somersaults from 7.5m.  She then secured the gold medal in the 3m springboard event where she led the final from start to finish.  Teammates Tanya Watson and Jessica Bennett both joined Lucy on the podium, Tanya secured the bronze in the platform event with some impressive diving and Jess the bronze in the 3m springboard event, Jess progressed into this final in 6th place but stayed poised to execute three first-class dives to secure a personal best score and the bronze medal.  All three girls performed newly learnt dives and secured personal best scores. Also in this age group Emily Martin won gold in the 1m springboard event performing an outstanding last dive – a forward 2.5 somersaults.

Evelyna Johnson secured silver medals in both the 1m springboard and 5m platform in the girls 11 years & Under events, finishing both finals with an excellent inward one and half somersaults to earn scores of 6 & 7’s and the silver medal.  Evelyna also scored personal best scores in all three of her events.

GB Internationals Gemma McArthur and Sarah White shared the victory in the girls 16+ years.  Gemma won the 1m springboard event whilst Sarah took gold in the Platform event ahead of Gemma in silver and teammate Lauren Grinstead in bronze, Lauren performed a complicated handstand backwards twisting dive (Handstand back double somersault with two and half twists) in the preliminary, making her first female diver in GB to perform this dive in competition.

Many other SDA divers to achieve a place in the finals, winning top six medals and contributing to the team trophy win were: Sofia Sathio, Milly Batten, Victoria Ward, James Madden, Ethan Bennett, Chloe Harrington, Cameron Gammage, Thomas Bailey, Rhys Crookes, William Osborne, Elliott Moorhouse & Scott Palmer.

Full Results:

Girls Group D & Under 1m

2nd Evelyna Johnson, 6th  Sofia Sathio, 7th  Milly Batten, 8th  Victoria Ward, 10th  Dulcie Wilson, 11th Collette Guyett-Smith, 14th  Astrid Davis, 15th  Lucy Chandler.

Girls Group D & Under 3m

4th Milly Batten, 5th  Victoria Ward, 6th  Evelyna Johnson, 9th  Astrid Davis, 11th  Sofia Sathio, 12th  Dulcie Wilson, 13th  Collette Guyett-Smith, 15th  Lucy Chandler.

Girls Group D & Under Platform

2nd  Evelyna Johnson, 5th  Victoria Ward, 6th  Collette Guyett-Smith, 7th  Astrid Davis.

Boys Group D & Under 1m

5th  James Madden, 6th  Ethan Bennett, 7th  Milo French

Boys Group D & Under 3m

4th Ethan Bennett, 7th  James Madden, 8th  Milo French

Girls Group C 1m

21st  Gabrielle Kirkham, 23rd  Chloe Harrington, 25th  Ella Anderson

Girls Group C 3m

16th  Chloe Harrington,  19th  Ella Anderson,  20th  Gabrielle Kirkham

Girls Group C Platform

6th  Chloe Harrington, 7th  Ella Anderson

Boys Group C 1m

1st  Angus Kerr, 8th  Cameron Gammage, 12th Reuben Brown, 13th  Alex Walton

Boys Group C 3m

2nd  Angus Kerr, 4th  Cameron Gammage, 10th Reuben Brown, 11th  Alex Walton

Boys Group C Platform

2nd  Angus Kerr, 4th  Cameron Gammage, 10th  Reuben Brown

Girls Group B 1m

1st  Emily Martin, 4th  Lucy Hawkins, 5th  Tanya Watson, 11th  Jessica Bennett, 15th  Jade Brindley, 18th Serena Torpey, 19th  Katie McArthur, 22nd   Victoria Kennedy

Girls Group B 3m

1st  Lucy Hawkins, 3rd  Jessica Bennett, 4th  Tanya Watson, 9th  Serena Torpey, 10th  Jade Brindley, 12th  Katie McArthur, 16th  Victoria Kennedy

Girls Group B Platform

2nd  Lucy Hawkins, 3rd  Tanya Watson, 9th  Jessica Bennett, 11th  Jade Brindley, 13th  Serena Torpey, 14th  Katie McArthur

Boys Group B 1m

1st  Max Cott, 4th  Scott Palmer, 5th  Brandon Foster, 6th  Elliot Moorhouse , 7th  William Osborne, 8th  Thomas Bailey, 9th  Rhys Crookes, 11th  Dylan Lakeman-Brown, 12th  Alfie Lakeman-Brown, 13th  Jamie Bevan

Boys Group B 3m

1st  Max Cott, 3rd  Brandon Foster , 4th  Scott Palmer , 5th  William Osborne , 6th  Thomas Bailey , 8th  Rhys Crookes , 11th  Dylan Lakeman-Brown, 12th  Elliot Moorhouse

Boys Group B Platform

1st  Max Cott, 2nd  Brandon Foster, 5th  Rhys Crookes, 6th  Scott Palmer, 8th  William Osborne, 9th  Dylan Lakeman-Brown, 10th  Thomas Bailey

Girls Group A+ 1m

1st  Gemma McArthur, 3rd  Sarah White

Girls Group A+ Platform

1st  Sarah White, 2nd  Gemma McArthur, 3rd  Lauren Grinstead

Boys Group A+ 1m

2nd  Frithjof Seidel , 7th Lewys Oakley

Boys Group A+ 3m

1st  Frithjof Seidel