South Eastern Regional Communication 2020

Quarterly Regional Communication

Diving – June 2020

Below are some projects that have been completed or are in the process of completion from Swim England Diving. There is also information about ongoing courses.

Review of general & competition conditions, standard scores and eligibility

Sarah is still in the process of reviewing diving competition conditions, standard scores and eligibility. Again, the reason, to ensure standards and expectations are in line with the overall and continuing development of diving throughout the country. A competition pathway document is being prepared and there is a timeline for this document to be ready, however, this depends on the workload of Swim England design and the workforce that is behind this document.

Introduction to judging

The introduction to judging is a Prezi presentation video and designed for Judge 1 candidates to feel more comfortable before they go on the Judge 1 course. It is an introduction and will provide a basic overview of the sport and some information they will need to know prior to the Level 1 Judging course. By the end

of this workshop the candidates should have knowledge of the following: their responsibility as a judge, types of events that are judged, how diving is scored and what dive numbers are. There is a test to complete at the end followed by a slide on next steps. This would then link them to a contact to apply for a Judge 1 course in their region.

The presentation will be sent to candidates who express interest in judging by emailing volunteering. The presentation has been completed and should be ready to go live in the next couple of weeks


Poolside Helper course

There are several clubs that find having poolside helper’s positive and they are more likely to take an assistant coach course developing in to future coaches. The poolside helper course is also an online Prezi presentation video, it is designed to help poolside volunteers and clubs understand what a poolside helper is able to deliver along with being safe. By the end of the workshop, a poolside helper


should have an understanding of health & safety, have an understanding of areas of good practice and have an understanding of the foundation skills in Diving. This presentation has been completed and news on how this will be introduced will be announced in the coming weeks.

Introduction to volunteer officials

This is currently in the process of being completed. It is on online Prezi presentation, the workshop will provide a basic overview of the sport and some information needed prior to a further specific officials course. By the end of this workshop a volunteer should have knowledge of the following: be aware of the official’s structure in Diving, have a basic understanding of a diving pool competition and event and understand the

different event roles needed for a competition. The next steps will then guide them to a regional course.

Coaching courses

The IOS brought out 75 spaces for an online blended learning Assistant Coach course. There are 40 spaces left on the course that closes on the 11th June. The link for the courses is here:

The IOS have mentioned there will be an online Coach course coming out for the North East as well as a National course. This will be the same process as the Assistant coach course with more hours online. The information will be out after the 10th June once furlough has been lifted for IOS colleagues.

Team Manager Courses

Due to a limited number of Swim England working presenters, these courses have twice filled up very quickly. The courses will continue to be placed online, communication will be placed on our social media channels as and when they become available again.

Safeguarding Courses

Swim England Basic Awareness course – This

START Diving and DDC Funding

As far as I know, all funding has been frozen until further notice. DDC reports are still welcome in as it will be beneficial to know how the club has been continuing to train through the lockdown period.

Team Z, Y and J divers

Suzie Collins has done a brilliant job organising the Live at 5 sessions for divers on Team Y, Z and J along with Julian. These sessions are now in their 10th week and have had guest appearances from Matthew Dixon, Emily Martin, Tom Daley, Jack Laugher, Grace Reid and

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online module is suitable for anyone who is part of a Swim England club but does not require


the mandatory Swim England Safeguarding CPD.

Swim England Safeguarding CPD – This webinar Anyone working with children both in a swimming teaching and coaching environment. Completing this course will support club SwimMark submissions and is an integral part of

Swim England’s Stronger Affiliation process.

Yona Knight Wisdom. Coaches have also been doing some technical workshops in these Live zooms. Leon Taylor also does a weekly Yoga workout every Thursday.
Suzie also did a zoom z camp for both groups of divers, the camp was very well received with enthlasis on mental rehearsals especially, Olympic Champion Laura Wilkinson also made a video to keep them motivated.

Swim England Guidance

During covid-19, Swim England have put out a lot of guidance and have been working hard on content to keep our diving members engaged. Please see below some links that will be of interest if not already seen: – FAQs – Covid-19 diving support – statement seeking governing help for pools – There will be guidance about how we can social distance in our pools, this has been worked on for a lengthy period of time with several organisations. Please expect this on the 15th June.

Key Dates:

Attached in this email: Calendar of regional events.
The Swim England events team have all been furloughed so dates for National Age Groups are yet to be finalised for Sheffield. National Skills Finals tbc and awaiting confirmation from the East Midlands region.
If anyone would like me to add dates to this calendar I can send it out again at a later date.

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IOS Assistant Coach course online East Skills Qualifiers
East Region Age Groups East Region Club Championships


12th June 2020
21st March 2021 tbc 24th & 25th April 2021 tbc 9th 10th October 2021 tbc

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