South East Regional Age Group Championships 2014

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Southampton Diving Academy recently had a success at the ASA South East Regional Age Group competition.  This competition was a qualifying event for the ASA National Age Group Diving Championships held in Sheffield’s Ponds Forge in July. The event was carried out over two weekends and was hosted by SDA at The Quays, Southampton, on 10th May and 18th May. Clubs from the South East region attended including West Wilts, Albatross (Reading) and Star (Guildford) and a guest team from Crystal Palace who took part in the ‘open’ event.

The team scooped an impressive 34 South East Regional medals over the two weekends, 17 Gold, 8 silver and 9 bronze.

With some outstanding diving and topping the medals table for the South East Region were two SDA divers. Taking Gold on all three boards, 1m springboard, 3m springboard and Platform, were Angus Kerr in the boys 10/11 Years and Thomas Graham in the boys 16+ Years. Both boys dived remarkably well over both weekends and saw their hard work and determination in training pay off by winning the titles of South East Regional Champion on all three boards.

Also winning in two events were Tia Pritchard in the girls 10/11 Years and Scott Palmer in the boys 14/15 Years.  Tia achieved gold on the 1m springboard and 5m platform and Scott, who only competed on 1m & 3m springboard, won gold in both his events.

Others winning gold and achieving Championship titles were, Jessica Bennett, Rhys Crookes, Cameron Gammage, Dylan Lakeman-Brown, Amy Pritchard, Katie McArthur and William Osborne.

Evelyna Johnson, although new to this level of diving took bronze in the platform event in the girls 10/11 years.

In the girls in the 12/13 Years age group Jessica Bennett and Jade Brindley shared the top spots on the springboards where Jessica won Gold on 3m and bronze on 1m and Jade won silver on 1m and bronze on 3m. Newcomer to this level, Serena Torpey impressed, to win the Silver in the platform event where Jade also picked up a bronze medal to complete a hat trick of medals.

The boys 12/13 Years saw all three golds won by separate divers. 1m gold medallist was Rhys Crookes, achieving a massive 216 points, 3m gold went to Dylan Lakeman-brown and the platform event was won by Cameron Gammage. Other medal winners in this age group were Tyler Lane winning the silver in the 1m event and Thomas Bailey winning bronze on platform.

Katie McArthur won medals on all three boards in the girls 14/15 years, Gold on Platform, silver on 3m and bronze on 1m whilst team mate Amy Pritchard took gold in the 1m event and bronze in the platform event.  Nicole Van Hoof, also a newcomer to this level, won bronze in the 3m event.

Joining Scott Palmer on the podium in the boys 14/15 years were teammates William Osborne and Robbie Brodie, William won gold on platform and bronze in the 3m event whilst Robbie achieved the silver in the 1m event.

Several of Southampton Diving Academys Elite divers also took part in this competition as guest divers in preparation for their National Junior Elite Championships which take place in Plymouth next week.

Lindsey Fraser, head coach said ‘these results were very impressive and I would like to congratulate the coaches and divers on these performances.’

Girls 10/11 Years

1m  1st Tia Pritchard 4th Collette Guyett-Smith

3m   2nd Tia Pritchard 4th Collette Guyett-Smith


1st Tia Pritchard,  3rd Evelyna Johnson

Boys 10/11 Years Platform

1m  1st Angus Kerr

3m  1st Angus Kerr


1st  Angus Kerr

Girls 12/13 Years


2nd  Jade Brindley, 3rd  Jessica Bennett , 5th  Serena Torpey , 6th  Mia Wood , 7th  Emily Adams , 8th  Lauren Bailey , 9th  Megan Curtis, 10th  Chloe Harrington, 11th Gabrielle Kirkham


1st  Jessica Bennett , 3rd Jade Brindley, 4th Emily Adams,  5th Lauren Bailey, 6th  Serena Torpey , 8th Chloe Harrington


2nd Serena Torpey, 3rd  Jade Brindley , 4th Lauren Bailey, 5th  Jessica Bennett

Girls 14/15 Years


1st  Amy Pritchard, 3rd  Katie McArthur,  4th Nicole Van Hoof


2nd  Katie McArthur , 3rd  Nicole Van Hoof


1st  Katie McArthur , 3rd  Amy Pritchard, 4th  Nicole Van Hoof, 5th  Victoria Kennedy

Boys 14/15 Years


1st Scott Palmer, 2nd Robbie Brodie, 4th William Osborne, 5th Elliot Moorhouse


1st Scott Palmer, 3rd  William Osborne, 4th Robbie Brodie,

5th Elliot Moorhouse


1st  William Osborne

Boys 12/13 Years 

1m 1st  Rhys Crookes, 2nd  Tyler Lane , 4th Thomas Bailey , 5th Dylan Lakeman-Brown, 6th Cameron Gammage , 10th Reuben Brown,  11th Jamie Bevan.

3m 1st  Dylan Lakeman-Brown, 2nd  Rhys Crookes, 4th  Tyler Lane, 6th Cameron Gammage, 7th  Thomas Bailey, 9th Jamie Bevan, 10th  Reuben Brown

Platform 1st  Cameron Gammage, 2nd  Rhys Crookes, 3rd  Thomas Bailey, 5th  Dylan Lakeman-Brown, 6th  Tyler Lane, 9th  Jamie Bevan,

Boys 16+ Years

1m 1st Thomas Graham

3m 1st Thomas Graham

Platform  1st Thomas Graham