South East Regional Skills 2015

Southampton Diving Academy recently sent a team of divers to take part in the South East Regional Skills competition at the K2 centre in Crawley. They returned with an amazing total of 13 medals, 5 Gold, 5 Silver and 3 Bronze.
This event was represented by all the clubs within the region including Reading, Guildford, London, and Amersham. The younger divers demonstrate 12 dives/jumps at three stations, 4 from poolside and 4 each from the 1m springboard and 3m springboard and the older divers perform 6 dives each from the 1m springboard and 3m springboard. The majority of SDA’s divers achieved the recommended qualifying standard for the National Skills Finals and will now travel to Manchester Aquatics Centre in July.
In the boys 8/9 years, SDA only had one competitor, Bryn James who showed great potential with a score sheet of 6.5 and 7’s. His forward fall from the 3 metre was his best scoring dive with two 8.5’s and a 9 which helped him take the silver medal.
The biggest medal achievements came in the boys 10/11 years group with all medal winners competing from SDA. Leon Baker, who was crowned ‘Best Newcomer’ in December 2014, finished in 1st Place with a total score of 316.55, one of the highest scores in the competition. He showed great poise maintaining a score sheet with many 7’s, 7.5’s and 8’s. His team mate Robbie Lee finished in 2nd place with a score of 301.00, also showing a great score sheet with many high scores, including a 9.5 for his forward tuck-pike roll from the 3 metre. In 3rd place was Nathan Bull with a score of 297.90. He scored an impressive 35.0 for his back fall from 3 metre, scoring 8, 8 and 9 with the judges.
The girls 10/11 years competition saw Dulcie Wilson win the gold medal with 297.75. She showed consistently good dives with many 7’s. Maya Kutty was awarded the silver medal with an impressive score of 275.45. This was Maya’s first regional competition so to walk away with a medal and a high score is a very good achievement. This may be a diver to watch!
The boys 12/13 years saw team mates Ashley Burnard and Alex Walton battle it out for gold and silver, Ashley eventually finishing in 1st with 300.25 and Alex close behind in 2nd with 292.30. Both divers showed experience with some impressive scores, both achieving 7’s, 7.5’s and 8’s.
The girls 12/13 years was a close fought event with Megan Curtis finishing in 2nd place. Her first dive, straight jump, from the 1 metre, started her competition with scores of 8.5, 8.5 and a 9. In third place was Chloe Harrington finishing with a score of 297.85.
In the 14 Years+ event the divers perform 6 dives each from the 1m springboard and 3 springboard and SDA won the gold medal in both the boys and girls events, Alfie Lakeman-Brown for the boys and Abbie Wilson for the girls. Jamie Bevan was awarded with the bronze medal.
Full Results
Girls 10/11 Years 

1st Dulcie Wilson, 2nd Maya Kutty, 4th Collette Guyett-Smith, 5th Amy Leneve, 6th Olive Ullyatt, 10th Mutyat Anibaba and 11th Amelia Newman
Girls 12/13 Years 
 2nd Megan Curtis, 3rd Chloe Harrington, 4th Ella Anderson, 6th Ysabella Foster, 7th Victoria Wood, 9th Astrid Davis, 10th Holly Hopgood, 11th Lucie Hill, 12th Grace Hill and 13th Annabel Foster.
Girls Group 14+ Years 1st Abbie Wilson, 4th Suzanna Burt, 5th Catherine Palmer, 7th Abigail Wales and 9th Chloe Davis
Boys 8/9 Years 2nd Bryn James
Boys 10/11 Years

1st Leon Baker, 2nd Robbie Lee, 3rd Nathan Bull, 4th Oliver Cazaly, 5th Samuel Stevens, 6th Kai Lanham, 7th Jacob Smith, 9th Issac Beard, 10th Oakley Clarke and 11th Oliver Covell.
Boys 12/13 Years 1st Ashley Burnard, 2nd Alex Walton, 6th Hamish Lindsay, 8th Thomas Crew, 9th Thomas Macfadyen, 10th Alexander Grew, 11th Oliver Warner, 12th Alfie Dudson, 13th Peter Robinson, 14th Bradley Light, 15th Max Targett and 16th Angus Macready
Boys 14+ Years 1st Alfie Lakeman-Brown, 3rd Jamie Bevan, 4th Jacob Batchelor and 5th Oscar Kitchen