Peter Waterfield Novice 2013

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Divers from across the south of England came to Southampton at the weekend to compete in the Peter Waterfield Diving Competition. With the competition namesake and Olympic silver medallist Peter Waterfield keeping a close eye on these up-and-coming divers, the team from the Southampton Diving Academy proved that there’s plenty of Southampton talent coming through by winning the team trophy and impressive haul of 10 medals.

This event, held annually at The Quays diving complex, is known as ‘Skills’ level and sees the divers aged 13 and under performing a set of 12 skills from three stations, poolside, 1m and 3m springboard and the divers aged 14 and above perform twelve dives from the 1m and 3m springboard. Some of these divers are just setting out on their competitive careers and this is a chance to compete against other clubs and set their benchmark whilst other are aiming to move onto the next competitive level.

Of the Southampton “novice” level divers competing, many of them qualified for next year’s National competition at this level and with another six months to go before the qualifying deadline, these divers can now concentrate on upping their performance to get into the medals at national level and learning even more difficult dives to move up to the next stage of competition.

In the youngest age group of 9 & under SDA excelled in both the boys and girls events.  For the boys Ethan Bennett won the gold medal, attracting scores of 8 from the judges with his back jump tuck from poolside. Team mate Aidan McMullan joined in the celebrations, winning the bronze medal.  For the girls Dulcie Wilson won silver medal position with a steady performance whilst Milly Batten won the bronze.

Evelyna Johnson won the Silver medal in the girls 10/11 years where she performed two outstanding 3m springboard dives, earning 8’s and 8.5’s from all judges and only just missing the gold medal score by an agonising 1.45 points.  Georgia Milward also showed her strengths on the 3m springboard to win the bronze medal.

In the boys 12/13 years Jamie Bevan secured the gold medal with an outstanding performance achieving many 7’s and 7.5’s for his dives and particularly performing well on the 3 m springboard. For the girls in this age group, Serena Torpey executed an excellent set of dives scoring many 7’s and even some 8’s, and although just a fraction off the silver medal, was delighted with her bronze.

In the boys 14+ Years, new to this age group, but rising to the challenge, Alfie Lakemen-Brown confidently executed twelve dives from both 1m and 3m springboards and his impressive performance was rewarded with a silver medal, leaving a comfortable gap of 20 points between himself and the bronze medal winner.

Also In the boys 14+ Years, SDA diver Callum Weldon competed as a guest to defend his title and win the gold medal by a massive 43 points.

Other SDA divers making their mark by achieving top six placings in this competition were: Lucy Chandler, Andre Dance,  Leah Burston, Megan Curtis, Anna Burnston, Chantelle Beckett, Olly Walton and Oscar Kitchen.

Lindsey Fraser, Southampton’s Director of Coaching ‘I was delighted with the way our less experienced divers handled themselves, which bodes well for the future. My thanks, as always to all the volunteers who help to make the event run so smoothly’

Full Results:

Girls 9 & Under

2nd Dulcie Wilson, 3rd Milly Batten, 4th Lucy Chandler, 7th Collette Guyett-Smith, 10th Evie Brighton, 11th Amy Leneve

Boys 9 & Under

1st Ethan Bennett , 3rd Aidan McMullan, 6th Andre Dance, 7th Jonathan Cross, 8th Callum Spiers, 9th Milo French

Girls 10/11 Years

2nd  Evelyna Johnson, 3rd Georgia Milward, 4th Leah Burnston, 5th Megan Curtis, 7th Gabrielle Kirkham, 10th Sofia Sathio, 12th Victoria Ward, 14th Saffron Lawson, 15th Ella Anderson, 16th Chloe Harrington, 17th Ysabella Foster, 19th Astrid Davis, 20th  Maddie Newcombe, 21st Millie Fearnley, 24th Abigail Cross, 25th Liberty West, 26th Olivia Ward, 27th Grace Hill.

Boys 10/11 Years

8th Thomas Cove, 10th Ashley Burnard, 11th Benjamin McGovern, 12th Alex Walton, 13th Reuben Brown, 14th James Madden, 16th Thomas Crew, 17th Michael Stewart, 18th Cameron McLvor.

Girls 12/13 Years

3rd Serena Torpey, 5th Anna Burnston, 6th Chantelle Beckett, 9th Catherine Palmer, 11th Suzanna Burt, 18th Syreha Allen, 23rd Abbie Wilson, 26th Chole Davis, 27th India Bari, 28th Kelsey Mills.

Boys 12/13 Years

1st Jamie Bevan, 6th Olly Walton, 8th Oliver Lambert, 10th Daniel Cove, 11th Louis De Freitas, 12th Oliver Perry, 13th Rupert Lamb, 14th Joseph Parks, 16th Thomas Kelly, 17th Oliver Clements.

Girls 14 Years+

=7th Nicole van Hoof, 12th Caitlyn Crumpler, 13th Emma Rush, 18th Aliza Stephens, 20th Victoria Kennedy.

Boys 14 Years+

(1st Callum Weldon – guest), 2nd Alfie Lakeman-Brown, 6th Oscar Kitchen.