On the Road Again

It seems like a lifetime since those two terrible words entered our everyday vocabulary, but finally our divers are back on the competition trail!

The Venue, breezy South Leeds. The competition, G Star 2022. The divers, intrepid! Always a tricky competition, this year’s G Star was even more challenging than ever. Aimed at Age Group divers, the competition was brimming with Elite and GB divers, all keen to get some practice in after such a long break from competitive diving. Even snatching a coveted place in a final was well beyond expectation. Fortunately, no-one told Kai Lanham or Imogen Fitzsimmons, both of whom made finals. Kai in Boy’s A Platform, and Imogen in Girl’s B 1m and Platform. Medals? Surely not! Imogen clearly hadn’t read the script. Platform silver! Amazing!

The whole meet was a show of resilience and fortitude. Fantastic performances from every diver, and a well deserved Sunday evening snooze on the bus back to Southampton! Well done everyone. Imogen, Emma, Flic, Sophie, Olive, Kai, Jak, Harris, Isaac, take a bow. Thanks also to coaches, support team, and parents. We’re on the road again!

Oh…the two terrible words? ‘Lock down‘.

SDA’s answer? Kiss it.