GBDF Masters Open Spring Championships 2014

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The Great Britain Diving Federation Spring Masters Championships were held at the Quays in Southampton on the first weekend of April.

The event attracted entries from France, Germany, Sweden, Italy and Russia who competed with the British divers aged between 16 and 75.

Divers from Southampton enjoyed great success with Callum Weldon in the 16-29 age group taking gold medals in the 1 metre and platform events and bronze in the 3 metre. Sam Wilson, a new recruit from synchronised swimming,  took 2 x gold medals in both the 1m and 3m events in the girls 16-29 age-group.

Bob Shearer and Ian Hammond took gold and bronze respectively in the 1 metre event in the 50-59 age group pushing Tony Hunter into fourth place.  Hunter took revenge in the 3 metre and platform events winning both with Shearer and Hammond taking second and third in the 3 metre but not firing on all cylinders in the platform where Hammond took fourth place and Shearer fifth.

“It was a great weekend of competitions,” said Hunter at the close of the event, “and all our age group performed well making the competition very close.  We have got a great masters’ squad at Southampton and we are one of the top clubs in the country.  We have got the World Masters Championships at Montreal in the summer and I aim to be at my peak for that when the Americans will be the ones to beat.”