Gavin Brown Love to Dive 2016

Gavin Brown Love to Dive 2016

Southampton Diving Academy once again hosted the annual Gavin Brown Love to Dive novice competition, which commemorates its talented diver and coach, Gavin Brown.  Gavin was tragically killed, aged just 22, by a hit and run driver in 2007, he was a talented young man and was a big character on the diving circuit, coaches across the country hope to inspire their divers in the way that Gavin inspired all he dived with and enthusiastically coached.

Clubs from across the South attended but Southampton Diving Academy emerged confident victors, retaining the team trophy for another year.

The day got off to a great start with the youngest divers competing first. Anjali Kutty showed great future potential rising to the top in the Girls 8/9 years, winning the gold with team mate Maija Adamson taking the bronze in the same group; whilst James Nicholson and Oliver Wignall both in the same age group, took the gold and bronze for the boys.

In Boys 10/11 Illan Joseph Stead was on top of the podium, with the highest total score of the competition and joining him on 3rd step taking the bronze was Oliver Covell.

The medals didn’t stop there, in the Boys 12/13 group, Max Targett took the silver just 3 points ahead of Isaac Beard in the bronze medal position. And in Boys 14/18 Peter Robinson and Bradley Light took silver and bronze respectively.

Meanwhile in the Girls 12/13 Annabel Foster fought off some stiff competition to take the silver medal by 0.8 points, and in Girls 14/18 SDA took all 3 podium spots with Chloe Davis, Lucie Hill and India Bari taking gold, silver and bronze to see off all of the competition by a healthy margin.

Many SDA divers achieved top six placings which is a great result for those starting out in this highly technical sport, so congratulations to all of the following: Imogen Fitzsimmons, Henry Meadows, Ryan Spiteri, Finlay McGregor, Oakley Clarke, Dylan Jewitt, Oliver Warner, Alexander Griffiths, Harry Rosa, Victoria Low, Amelia Newman, Mia Santana-Martin, Reuben Havenga, Drew Brightwell and Luke Hardy.

Jack Clewlow, head coach, was exceedingly pleased with the success of the day. ‘It is fantastic to see all these children at the start of their diving careers having a wonderful time. It is evident that Regional camps run in Southampton with the support of the SE Regional ASA, are allowing the local clubs to increase the number and quality of divers at this grass-roots stage of the sport”

Full Results:

Girls 8/9

1st Anjali Kutty,3rd Maija Adamson, 6th Imogen Fitzsimmonds, 7th Victoria-May Kelly, 8th Millie Boyes, 9th Pippa Heyes, 10th Abigail Tompkins, 12th Alissa Cleal

Boys 8/9

1st James Nicholson, 3rd Oliver Wignall, 4th Reuben Havenga, 5th Drew Brightwell, 6th Luke Hardy, 7th Oscar Clarke, 8th Thomas Sunderland, 9th Sam Kneller-Hole, 11th Dylan Andoh

Girls 10/11

8th Poppy Hawthorne, 10th Rachel Cleal, 12th Daisy Yeats, 13th Sara Elgammal, 15th Katherine Connor, 16th Darshi Rana, 18th Ashleigh Mpofu, 19th Emily Jerrim, 20th Jessica Robinson, 22nd Lola McNeil

Boys 10/11

1st Illan Joseph, 3rd Oliver Covell, 5th Henry Meadows, 6th Ryan Spiteri, 7th Jamie Akerman, 9th Liam Richards, 11th James Knight, 13th Samuel Smith, 15th Sonny Rossiter

Girls 12/13

2nd Annabel Foster, 4th Victoria Low, 5th Amelia Newman, 6th Mia Santana-Martin, 7th Zoë Johnson, 9th Isabel Gough, 10th Jessica Tompkins, 12th Emma Bolton, 13th Hayley Driver

Boys 12/13

2nd Max Targett, 3rd Isaac Beard, 4th Finlay McGregor, 5th Oakley Clarke, 6th Dylan Jewitt, 10th Luca Foyster, 11th Joshua Boneham, 13th Joshua Longman, 14th Harris Oldroyd, 15th Henry Pearson, 16th Finn Richardson, 17th Michael Taylor, 18th Haydn Dunn, 19th Devon Wilson

Girls 14/18

1st Chloe Davis, 2nd Lucie Hill, 3rd India Bari

Boys 14/18

2nd Peter Robinson, 3rd Bradley Light, 4th Oliver Warner, 5th Alexander Griffiths, 6th Harry Rosa