FOSDA Purchases Bosu Ball!

The recently  Relaunched 100 club is gaining support with 41 tickets sold each month currently. The money raised from the first two draws has been put to good use to benefit the whole of the diving program.

After discussions with the coaches and the club Physiotherapist we decided an additional Bosu Ball was required for the dry side training Gym. This equipment aids divers from the beginning in the sport right through to Elite Divers.

We have identified several other similar items to aid all the divers which we plan to purchase as the 100 club funds grow.

Quote from Dean Cook, Chartered Physiotherapist, the Physio working with our top divers through British Diving:

“The Bosu Ball will be great for proprioception and control.  This means that the divers can do exercises in an unbalanced way to improve body control and movement.  The ball in an invaluable addition to the resources we already have for divers at all levels.  It is particularly useful for children as they go through periods of rapid growth and is key in the exercises used to plan for injury prevention.  I am delighted that FOSDA have been able to provide us with this extra equipment – thank you!”

We have also identified several sponsors interested in getting involved in the club, we shall keep you updated as they progress.

In the meantime please continue to support our club by using a simple way to raise money for the club at no cost to you!

A huge Thank you to all those who are supporting the 100 club which is a key part of our aim to gain charity status for the club, by achieving this we can access new grants and sponsors and really make a difference. If you haven’t yet joined the 100 club and would like to know more please email us it costs only £4 a month and first price each month can be as high as £100!! with further prices of £50, £25, £15 and £10 every month. (figures based on all 100 tickets sold each month).

Thank you and if you have an idea of how to raise funds, want to get involved, or have a suggestion for how to spend funds please dont hesitate to email us at

Kind Regards