Barcelona International Diving Trophy 2016

2016 Barcelona International Diving Trophy

Southampton Diving Academy recently headed off to Barcelona with a 16 strong squad to compete in the Barcelona International Diving Trophy. This elite competition is held bi-annually at the Piscinces Municipals Montjuic; an outdoor pool next to the 19992 Olympic Park, complete with the iconic and spectacular back drop of Barcelona city beyond.

Elite divers from diving clubs across Europe were in attendance and the competition was fierce, but the Southampton crew were in fine form and held a good account of themselves, taking 8 medals across the age categories.

Under the watchful eyes of coaching team Jack Clewlow and Beth Watts in plus 30°C heat our divers took to the boards. Max Cott in Boys 16/18 Years took a bronze medal in the Platform event, finishing a frustrating 0.15 points off the silver.

Tanya Watson was on top form, taking two silver medals in the Girls 14/15 Years category on both the 3m Springboard and the Platform events, team mate Emily Martin taking the bronze alongside her on the Platform.

Coming back from a long spell out of training through injury, Gemma McArthur was delighted to take the silver medal with a return to form in the Womens Platform event, scoring 7’s for her Inward 2.5 somersault from the 10m.

In Boys 14/15 Years, Cameron Gammage was in fighting mood and took a bronze on the 1m Springboard and silver on the 3m Springboard, scoring highly for his Reverse 2.5 Somersault. Team mate Thomas Bailey shone on the Platform, taking the silver after a really consistent competition.

Although there were no medals for the younger divers on the squad, they dived very consistently throughout and really benefited from the experience of competing at this level and in such an awe inspiring environment; they return to The Quays ready for a summer of training and learning new dives for the forthcoming season.


Girls 12/13 Years

Evelyna Johnson: 1m 8th, 3m 7th, Platform 18th

Milly Batten: 1m 15th, 3m 15th, Platform 17th

Boys 12/13 Years

Leon Baker: 1m 16th, 3m 23rd, Platform 15th

Ashley Burnard: 1m 27th, 3m 29th, Platform 27th

Milo French: 1m 17th, 3m 15th, Platform 19th

Robbie Lee: 1m 26th, 3m 26th, Platform 9th

Girls 14/15 Years

Emily Martin : 1m 7th, 3m 4th, Platform 3rd

Serena Torpey : 1m 13th, 3m 15th, Platform 16th

Tanya Watson: 1m 5th, 3m 2nd, Platform 2nd

Boys 14/15 Years

Thomas Bailey: 1m 9th, 3m 12th, Platform 2nd

Brandon Foster: 1m 18th, 3m 15th, Platform 10th

Cameron Gammage: 1m 3rd, 3m 2nd, Platform 6th

Girls 16/18 Years

Lucy Hawkins: 1m 12th, 3m 10th, Platform 4th

Boys 16/18 Years

Max Cott: Platform 3rd

William Osborne: 1m 10th, 3m 12th, Platform 8th

Women (Senior)

Gemma McArthur: Platform 2nd