On the Road Again

It seems like a lifetime since those two terrible words entered our everyday vocabulary, but finally our divers are back on the competition trail! The Venue, breezy South Leeds. The (more…)


Cameron and Evie MSU

September. The month of such change. A new year at school. A new place at College or University. A new dive list to be prepared for the Southampton Invitational! Laced (more…)

Pools Permitted to Reopen.

Swim England applauds decision to reopen pools … but repeats funding plea 23 November 2020 Delighted Swim England chief executive Jane Nickerson has applauded the decision to reopen swimming pools (more…)

SportsAidWeek 2020

IT’S HAPPENING…SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR SPORTSAID WEEK 2020 BY GETTING INVOLVED IN THE #MYMILES CHALLENGE!#SportsAidWeek 2020 is taking place from 21-27 September….and we need YOUR support! We will be celebrating the (more…)