Armada Cup 2015

Southampton Diving Academy recently travelled to Plymouth with a team of divers to participate in the annual Armada Cup diving Competition.

Rising star Evelyna Johnson returned home with the bronze medal in the 12/13 Years 3m Springboard event. In a competitive field of 31 divers, Evelyna performed a superb set of dives in the preliminary to qualify for the final. She then went on to perform three outstanding dives in the final to improve on her preliminary placing of 5th and finish on the podium in 3rd place.

Youngsters Ethan Bennett and Milly Batten, Both diving in the 8-11 years events, showed great strength, Ethan qualified for 2 finals and Milly made the finals in all three of her events.

Senior Coach Jack Clewlow was enthusiastic about SDA’s future: ’I was extremely pleased with the results of our up and coming Southampton Divers. For many of the team, this was the first competition of this standard they had attended and all of them rose to the occasion and performed brilliantly.

 Full Results:

Boys 8-11 Years 1m Springboard

6th Ethan Bennett

Girls 8-11 Years 1m Springboard

5th Milly Batten, 16th Collette Guyett-Smith

Boys 12/13 Years 1m Springboard

20th Reuben Brown, 27th Alex Walton

Girls 12/13 Years 1m Springboard

10th  Evelyna Johnson, 12th Tia Pritchard,  15th  Gabrielle Kirkham , 16th  Lauren Bailey, 19th  Sofia Sathio, 20th  Megan Curtis, 24th  Victoria Ward , 30th  Ella Anderson , 33rd  Chloe Harrington

Girls 14/15Years 1m Springboard

23rd Chantelle Beckett,  24th Emily Adams, 27th Serena Torpey, 29th Victoria Kennedy

Boys 8-11 Years 3m Springboard

9th Ethan Bennett

Girls 8-11 Years 3m Springboard

6th Milly Batten, 13th Collette Guyett-Smith

Boys 12/13 Years 3m Springboard

16th Alex Walton , 20th Reuben Brown

Girls 12/13 Years 3m Springboard

3rd Evelyna Johnson, 8th Tia Pritchard, 17th  Victoria Ward,18th  Gabrielle Kirkham , 19th  Sofia Sathio, 21st Lauren Bailey,  25th Chloe Harrington, 26th Ella Anderson , 31st Megan Curtis

Girls 14/15 Years 3m Springboard

25th Serena Torpey, 29th Chantelle Beckett, 30th Victoria Kennedy, 31st Emily Adams

Boys 8-11 Years 5m Platform

6th Ethan Bennett

Girls 8-11 Years 5m Platform

6th Milly Batten, 8th Collette Guyett-Smith

Boys 12/13 Years Platform

17th Reuben Brown, 22nd Alex Walton

Girls12/13 Years Platform

8th Tia Pritchard,10th Evelyna Johnson,15th Lauren Bailey,17th Victoria Wrard, 18th Chloe Harrington, 19th Gabrielle Kirkham, 20th Ella Anderson, 21st Sofia Sathio, 23rd Megan Curtis

Girls14/15 Years Platform

12th Serena Torpey, 21st Emily Adams, 26th Victoria Kennedy

Armarda 2015 SDA Dive Team (2880 x 1920)