Armada Cup 2014

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Southampton Diving Academy recently travelled to Plymouth for a 4 day diving event, The Armada Cup, held from 20th – 23rd February.  The competition featured clubs from around the UK from as far as Scotland and Ireland plus a host of clubs from England. The divers competed in a range of competitions, including 1m & 3m springboard individual and synchro, platform (5m & 7.5m).  SDA were represented by 22 divers and secured seven medals, 3 golds, 2 silver and 2 bronze.

The most successful SDA diver of the weekend was 12 year old Emily Martin in the girls 12/13 years. Emily competed in four events, winning four top three places, ahead of girls on the England Talent Programme.  Emily came though the preliminaries in 5th and 6th place but then impressed with some confident diving in the finals to win Bronze in the 1m springboard event, Silver on 3m springboard and Gold in the Platform event where she finished her list of three dives with a newly perfected inward two and a half somersaults tucked from 7.5 Metres, attracting 7’s and scoring 55 points to lift herself from third place to gold by 10 points.

10 year old Angus Kerr won Gold in the boys 10/11 years 5m platform event by an amazing 13 points, impressing the judges with his inward one and a half somersaults piked to achieve scores of 7’s to maintain his top spot from the preliminaries. Angus also reached the final in the 3m springboard event, finishing in 4th place.

Brandon Foster also found success on the Platform, competing in the boys 12/13 years. Brandon secured silver with an outstanding inward two and a half somersaults tucked from 7.5 metres to receive 7’s and even an 8 from the judges. Brandon also finished sixth in the 1m springboard final.

Brandon and Angus also partnered up to take part in the Boys 13 & Under 1m springboard Synchro event where they are currently National Age Group Champions and this was apparent when they won Gold by a staggering 23 points.  For the girls in this age group Emily Martin partnered up with Tanya Watson for the first time and also enjoyed a podium finish, winning the bronze medal in this event.

Also making individual finals were Tanya Watson on the 1m springboard, Lucy Hawkins on Platform and Max Cott on both Platform and 3m Springboard.

The attitude and team spirit of the divers was excellent throughout the weekend, allowing them to give their best during their events. We look forward to seeing a continued improvement through the season.

Full Results

Girls 10/11 Years 1 metre Springboard

12th  Tia Pritchard

Girls 12/13 Years 1 metre Springboard

3rd Emily Martin, 5th Tanya Watson,19th Jade Brindley, 20th Jessica Bennett, 23rd Emily Adams, 25th Chantelle Beckett, 27th Lauren Bailey

Boys 12/13 Years 1 metre Springboard

6th Brandon Foster, 10th Tyler Lane, 12th Thomas Bailey, 17th Cameron Gammage, 19th Rhys Crookes, 29th Jamie Bevan

Girls 14/15 Years 1 metre Springboard

10th Lucy Hawkins, 12th Sophie Kinnard, 19th Amy Pritchard, 31st Katie McArthur

Boys 14/15 Years 1 metre Springboard

8th Scott Palmer , 12th Max Cott, 15th Robbie Brodie, 18th William Osborne

Girls 10/11 Years 3 metre Springboard

14th Tia Pritchard

Boys 10/11 Years 3 metre Springboard

4th Angus Kerr

Girls 12/13 Years 3 metre Springboard

2nd Emily Martin, 11th Tanya Watson, 12th Jade Brindley, 17th Emily Adams, 18th Jessica Bennett, 20th Lauren Bailey, 22nd Chantelle Beckett

Boys 12/13 Years 3 metre Springboard

7th Brandon Foster, 12th Rhys Crookes, 18th Thomas Bailey, 19th Tyler Lane, 21st Cameron Gammage, 25th Jamie Bevan

Girls 14/15 Years 3 metre Springboard

13th Lucy Hawkins, 18th Sophie Kinnard, 30th Katie McArthur

Boys 14/15 Years 3 metre Springboard

4th Max Cott, 12th Robbie Brodie, 13th Scott Palmer, 16th William Osborne

Girls 10/11 Years 5 metre Platform

8th Tia Pritchard

Boys 10/11 Years  5 metre Platform

1st  Angus Kerr

Girls 12/13 Years Platform

1st Emily Martin, 9th Tanya Watson, 19th Lauren Bailey, 20th Jade Brindley, 24th Emily Adams, 25th Jessica Bennett, 27th Chantelle Beckett

Girls 14/15 Years Platform

5th Lucy Hawkins, 22nd Amy Pritchard, 23rd Katie McArthur

Boys 14/15 Years Platform

4th Max Cott, 9th Scott Palmer, 11th William Osborne, 15th Robbie Brodie

Girls 13 Under 1m Synchro

3rd Tanya Watson and Emily Martin, 5th Jade Brindley and Emily Adams,  10th Jessica Bennett and Chantelle Beckett

Boys 13 Under 1m Synchro

1st Brandon Foster and Angus Kerr,  5th Tyler Lane and Rhys Crookes

Girls 14-18 3m Synchro

7th  Sophie Kinnard and Lucy Hawkins

Boys  14-18 3m Synchro

4th Robbie Brodie and Scott Palmer