Armada Cup and G-Star Leeds 2016

Armada Cup 2016 and G-Star Leeds 2016

Southampton Diving Academy had a busy February half term, sending a team of 22 divers to Plymouth and 9 divers to Leeds to compete in competitions which will determine whether or not the divers have reached the qualifying standard to compete at the National Age Group Finals and Junior Elites events later this year. Both the Armada Cup, and G-Star are key 3 day events in the diving calendar and are very well attended by clubs from the whole of the UK, so the standard is high with experienced Commonwealth divers in attendance as well as young divers just testing themselves at this level.

Over in sunny Plymouth, the atmosphere was charged, in Girls C (Ages 12/13), Evelyna Johnson finished in the top six in the preliminary rounds and therefore made the finals on all 3 boards (1m and 3m Spring Boards, and the Platform) winning Gold on the 1m and Bronze on both the 3m and the Platform holding her nerve against some very strong competition. Team mate Milly Batten also made the finals on the 1m finishing in 5th place overall out of a 25 strong field.

In Girls D (Ages 10/11) Dulcie Wilson was diving well and also reached all three finals finishing 5th, 6th and 5th respectively on the 1m, 3m and Platform. Younger team mate Collette Guyett-Smith joined Dulcie in the Platform Final to finish 6th (in spite of a nose bleed mid competition).

Meanwhile the finalists in the Boys events were all in Group D (Ages 10/11) where the 3 SDA boys made their presence felt on each board. Milo French reaching the finals in the 1m with a 4th place finish overall; Robbie Lee making the finals on both the 3m and Platform with Bronze and 6th place respectively, and Leon Baker taking the Gold on the 3m and Bronze on the Platform with some solid and consistent diving.

It was a tough competition for all of our divers; SDA coaches Jack Clewlow and Sam Hydes were really pleased with the performances from all of the divers, many of them achieving PB’s over the 3 days.

Up in Leeds the following weekend, the action was no less exciting with some of our best junior divers taking to the boards. There were finals a plenty with Angus Kerr reaching all 3, winning Silver on both the 1m and 3m, and 6th place on the Platform in Boys Group C (12/13) with some of the most consistent diving and scoring of the weekend.

Brandon Foster in Boys Group B (14/16) was on top form on the Platform taking the Gold with a stunning forward 3.5 somersault in the tuck position from the 10m receiving 8.5 and 8’s from the judges. Brandon also reached the final for the 3m, finishing in 6th place. Team mate Thomas Bailey came back from injury and made the final on the 1m to take 5th place, and Cameron Gammage made the 10m Platform final finishing in 5th place.

Meanwhile in Boys A+ (16/18) Thomas Graham made the finals on the Platform finishing in 6th place against some very experienced competition.

Head coach Lindsey Fraser said “These two events demonstrated the depth in our programme right now across all levels of Junior competition. Well done to coaches and divers alikeā€

Full Results:

Armada Cup 2016 – Plymouth

Girls Group D & Under 1m

6th Dulcie Wilson, 7th Collette Guyett-Smith

Girls Group D & Under 3m

6th  Dulcie Wilson, 8th  Collette Guyett-Smith

Girls Group D & Under Platform

5th Collette Guyett-Smith, 6th Dulcie Wilson.

Boys Group D & Under 1m

5th  Milo French, 9th Robbie Lee, 10th Leon Baker

Boys Group D & Under 3m

2nd Robbi Lee, 3rd Leon Baker, 9th Milo French

Boys Group D & Under Platform

2nd Leon Baker, 5th Robbie Lee, 7th Milo French

Girls Group C 1m

3rd Evelyna Johnson, 6th Milly Batten, 10th Tia Pritchard, 11th Sofia Sathio, 14th Victoria Ward, 16th Maya Kutty, 18th Olive Ullyatt, 23rd Astrid Davis

Girls Group C 3m

5th Evelyna Johnson, 12th Sofia Sathio, 14th Milly Batten, 17th Maya Kutty, 19th Tia Pritchard, 21st Victoria Ward, 22nd Olive Ullyatt, 23rd Astrid Davis

Girls Group C Platform

3rd Evelyna Johnson, 11th Milly Batten, 12th Tia Pritchard, 13th Olive Ullyatt, 16th Maya Kutty, 17th Victoria Ward, 20th Sofia Sathio, 22nd Astrid Davis

Boys Group C 1m

15th  Alex Walton, 18th Nathan Bull, 20th Ashley Burnard, 21st Kai Lanham

Boys Group C 3m

17th Ashley Burnard, 19th  Alex Walton, 21st Nathan Bull, 22nd Kai Lanham

Boys Group C Platform

15th Alex Walton, 16th Ashley Burnard, 19th Nathan Bull, 20th Kai Lanham

Girls Group B 1m

12th Gabrielle Kirkham, 16th Ella Anderson, 17th Chloe Harrington

Girls Group B 3m

11th Gabrielle Kirkham 14th  Chloe Harrington,  15th  Ella Anderson, 

Girls Group B Platform

12th Gabrielle Kirkham, 14th Ella Anderson, 15th Chloe Harrington

Boys Group B 1m

15th Reuben Brown

Boys Group B 3m

13th Reuben Brown

Boys Group B Platform

13th Reuben Brown

Girls Group A+ 1m

9th Katie McArthur

Girls Group A+ 3m

8th Katie McArthur

Girls Group A+ Platform

10th Katie McArthur


G-Star 2016 – Leeds


Boys Group C 1m

2nd Angus Kerr, 8th Ethan Bennett

Boys Group C 3m

3rd Angus Kerr, 11th Ethan Bennett

Boys Group C Platform

2nd Angus Kerr, 12th Ethan Bennett

Girls Group B 1m

21st Jessica Bennett

Girls Group B 3m

18th Jessica Bennett 

Girls Group B Platform

12th Jessica

Boys Group B 1m

5th Thomas Bailey, 7th Brandon Foster, 9th Cameron Gammage

Boys Group B 3m

5th Brandon Foster, 7th Thomas Bailey, 11th Cameron Gammage

Boys Group B Platform

2nd Brandon Foster, 3rd Cameron Gammage

Boys Group A+ 1m

8th Thomas Graham, 10th Scott Palmer, 12th Elliot Moorhouse

Boys Group A+ 3m

9th Thomas Graham, 11th Elliot Moorhouse, 14th Scott Palmer

Boys Group A+ Platform

5th Thomas Graham, 7th Scott Palmer