Albatross Interclub 2017

Albatross Interclub Competition Press Release
On Sunday 18th June 55 divers from Southampton Diving Academy competed at the 28th Albatross Interclub competition. The competition involved 11 teams competing from across the region and provides a chance for divers to perform dives outside the restraints of a skills competition. The competition proved to be very successful for SDA with the club achieving 9 top six places in total.
SDA’s success began in the opening category, girls group F 5-7yrs, with one of SDA’s youngest divers Lana Cooper taking the gold medal and Freya Pitt finishing in 4th place. Next to take to the boards were the group E girls (8-9yrs), and SDA took two of top six places. Megan Thorpe and Evie Tierney finished in 2nd and 6th place respectively. In the boys group E SDA took both 1st and 3rd place. Ethan Pearce-Williams finished in 1st place with team mate Euan Powell finishing in 3rd. SDA’s success continued in the group D category 10-11yrs, with top six places being achieved in both the boys and girls events. In the girls event Imogen Fitzsimmons showed composure and consistency to finish in 5th place in a large group of 41 divers. Fellow SDA divers Elizabeth Hart and Millie Boyes also manged to finish in the top 10. In the bo ys event Reuben Havenga finished in 4th place. Team mates Leo Tegg, Oliver Wignall and Thomas Gilson also finishing in the top 10, with Leo Tegg only narrowly missing out on a medal position.
In the group C categories SDA divers held their own in a tough competition with high tariff
dives being performed by some divers in this category. Mia Santana Martin and Harris Oldroyd both finished in a very respectable 8th place in their respective groups. Rachel Cleal finished just outside the top 10 in 11th place but impressed the judges with her forward line up scoring one of the few 9s of the competition.
As the competition started to come to a close there was some great diving and high scoring in the group B 14-15yrs age group. Amelia Harris finished just outside the medal positions finishing in 7th place in the girls competition. In the boys group Finlay McGregor finished in 5th place with a score of 114.80.
There was more good news for SDA when the results of the team event were announced. SDA finished in 2nd place, only three points behind the winners, Southend Diving Club.
The interclub competition was the last to be held at the current home of Albatross Diving Club at the Central Pool in Reading. The pool is due to close later this year, with new facilities not expected until 2020. The 2018 Interclub competition is still planned to go ahead at an alternative venue which is yet to be confirmed. It is clear that this competition provided a valuable experience for the younger divers to take their first steps competing away from home and for those more experienced to have the opportunity to compete with divers across the region.

F Girls 5-7yrs
1st Lana Cooper, 4th Freya Pitt
E Girls 8-9yrs
2nd Megan Thorpe, 6th Evie Tierney, 8th Isabelle Bennett, 9th Isabelle Geary
E Boys 8-9yrs
1st Ethan Pearce-Williams, 3rd Euan Powell, 7th Caleb Williams
D Girls 10-11yrs
5th Imogen Fitzsimmons, 8th Elizabeth Hart, 10th Millie Boyes, 12th Darshi Rana, 15th Emily Jerrim, 16th Olivia Symczak, 24th Abigail Tomkins, 28th Lilly Jones, 29th Victoria-May Kelly, 30th Zharita Barwicz, 31st Daisy Yeats,
D Boys 10-11yrs
4th Reuben Havenga, 7th Leo Tegg, 9th Oliver Wignall, 10th Thomas Gilson, 12th James Staniford, 14th Jack Elcock, 15th Travis Stafford, 16th William Moody, 19th Liam Richards, 21st Ewan Simpson, 22nd Harry Maynard, 27th Jake Niziolek,
C Girls 12-13yrs
8th Mia Santana Martin, 11th Rachel Cleal, 15th Olivia Williams, 18th Isabel Gough, 20th Jessica Tomkins, 21st Ashleigh Mpofu, 22nd Zoe Johnson, 26th Hannah Reed, 29th Skye Denyer, 30th Hayley Driver, 33rd Mia Rattley,
C Boys 12-13yrs
8th Harris Oldroyd, 10th Sonny Rossiter, 13th Alex Morris, 15th Max Cleverley, 16th Max Blake, 17th Haydn Dunn,
B Girls 14-15yrs
7th Amelia Harris, 10th Emma Burnage,
B Boys 14-15yrs
5th Finlay McGregor, 7th Luca Foyster, 8th Joshua Boneham, 12th Michael Taylor,