Albatross Interclub 2015

SDA take title for 3rd consecutive year

Southampton Diving Academy recently sent a team of novice divers to The Albatross Interclub 2015 competition in Reading.  They returned with a whopping 12 medals and retained the Team Trophy. This competition allows the novice divers to move away from their basic skill set to compete with more complicated dives, performing four dives each from poolside and the 1m and 3m springboards.

SDA saw its youngest diver achieve a gold medal for the club, with six more receiving a silver and five picking up a bronze, all impressing the judges.

  • Abbie-Wilson
  • Ashley-Burnard
  • Astrid-Davis
  • Bryn-James
  • Elizabeth-Dudman
  • Ethan-Spiers
  • Maya-Kutty
  • Nathan-Bull
  • Oscar-Kitchen-Albatross
  • Sam-Kneller-Hole

In the Boys under 8 years, 6 year old Sam Kneller-Hole won gold for the boys, with plenty of 7’s and 8’s being awarded for his back fall only learnt a week before the competition. Ethan Spiers performed well and kept his cool to collect a bronze in the same category.

In the Girls under 8 years, Gabrielle Habben picked up a well deserved silver, and Elizabeth Dudman a bronze. This was the first competition for all of these youngsters and they performed brilliantly for their first time in the spotlight.

In the Boys 8 – 9 years, Bryn James dived really consistently to collect the silver, performing an inward dive tuck which scored over 29 points.

Maya Kutty competing in the Girls 10-11 years, performed a one and a half somersault tuck to score 32.80, one of the highest scores of the competition for a single dive, to secure her silver medal. Meanwhile, Nathan Bull, competing in the Boys 10-11 years, missed out on silver by an agonising 0.85 points to collect the bronze, in a hard fought battle, having narrowly beaten team mate Leon Baker into 4th position by a similar margin.

In the Girls 12-13 years, Astrid Davis cruised to the silver with some lovely solid diving, and Ashley Burnard battled into bronze position for the same age group in the boys, risking a difficult back dive tuck and pulling his score back with a beautiful reverse dive tuck.

Abbie Wilson achieved consistently high scores from the judges and took the silver medal in Girls 14-15, 15 points clear of the bronze medal position. In the Boys 14-15 years Oscar Kitchen pulled off some tricky dives to hang onto the silver, whilst team mate Tom Bullock managed to secure his bronze medal by a single point from fellow SDA diver Harry Ashton-Key.

Finally, in an extremely close girls 16 to 18 age group, Abigail Wales was less than two points away from the medals; finally finishing in an excellent 5th position.

This was the first time competing away from the home training pool for many of the youngsters and they all performed really well in unfamiliar waters, which assisted in achieving first place in the team event for the third consecutive year.

Fancy having a go on the springboard? Diving really is accessible to all ages and abilities (even grown ups!), so pop into The Quays and ask for more information on taster sessions or lessons.

Girls Under 8 yrs

2nd Gabrielle Habben, 3rd Elizabeth Dudman

Boys Under 8 yrs

1st Sam Kneller-Hole, 3rd Ethan Spiers, 4th Dylan Rutlidge

Girls 8-9 yrs

9th Anjali Kutty, 10th Maija Adamson, 12th Olivia Szymczak, 14th Imogen Fitzsimmons, 15th Daisy Yeats, 16th Darshi Rana, 18th Victoria-May Kelly, 19th Millie Groth, 20th Francesca Wyse, 21st Imogen Friel, 22nd Abigail Tompkins

Boys 8-9 yrs

2nd  Bryn James, 4th  Jake Chandler, 7th Benjamin Prewer, 9th Jamie Akerman, 10th James Nicholson, 11th Thomas Gilson, 13th Samuel Smith, 14th Ryan Spiteri, 15th Drew Brightwell

Girls 10-11 yrs

2nd Maya Kutty, 5th Amy Leneve, 10th Olive Ullyatt, 12th Mutyat Anibaba, 15th Amelia Newman, 18th Connie Mason, 19th Isobel Gough, 20th Hayley Driver, 21st Alice Guest

Boys 10-11 yrs

3rd Nathan Bull, 4th Leon Baker, 10th Samuel Stevens, 12t Oliver Cazaly, 13th Jacob Smith, 14th Illan Joseph Stead, 16th Bevan Woolley, 21st Oliver Covell, 22nd Henry Meadows, 24th Sack Bonnici, 25th Oliver Groth

Girls 12-13 yrs

2nd Astrid Davis, 7th Grace Hill, 8th Holly Hopgood, 11th Holly Alder, 13th Ellie Treagus

Boys 12-13 yrs

3rd Ashley Burnard, 4th Thomas Macfadyen, 8th Max Targett, 9th Alexander Grew, 10th Peter Robinson, 11th Oliver Warner, 12th Alexander Griffiths, 14th Finn Richardson, 18th Luca Foyster

Girls 14-15 yrs

2nd Abbie Wilson, 5th Chloe Davis, 7th India Bari, 8th  Suzanna Burt, 10th Kelsey Mills

Boys 14-15 yrs

2nd Oscar Kitchen, 3rd Tom Bullock, 4th Harry Ashton-Key, 5th Justin Slater, 6th Thomas Ashton-Key

Girls 16-18 yrs

5th Abigail Wales