Albatross Interclub 2014

SDA  take the title for 2nd consecutive year!

Southampton Diving Academy recently sent a team of novice divers to The Albatross Interclub 2014 competition in Reading.  They returned with 5 medals and retained the Team Trophy.

This competition allows the novice divers to move away from their basic skill set to compete with more complicated dives, performing four dives each from poolside and the 1m and 3m springboards.

SDA saw three of its divers achieve gold medals, with two more receiving a silver and a bronze, all impressing the judges and scoring over 100 points each.

In the 8-9 years Milo French won Gold for the boys by a comfortable 13 points and Dulcie Wilson took the gold for the girls. Teammate Evie Brighton fell short of the bronze medal position by an agonising 0.25 points.

Milly Batten, competing in the Girls 10-11 years, scored a massive 135.95 points to secure SDA’s third gold medal, this score was the second highest score of the meeting, only surpassed by a boy competing in the 16-18 years. Victoria Ward joined Milly on the podium to receive the bronze medal in this event.

Ethan Bennett won SDA’s bronze medal in the boys 10-11 years.

Many SDA divers had a very successful competition and several of them earned points which assisted in achieving first place in the team event for the second consecutive year.

Girls 8-9 yrs

1st  Dulcie Wilson,  4th Evie Brighton

Boys 8-9 yrs

1st  Milo French, 4th  Robbie Lee, 7th  Leon Baker, 9th  Bryn James, 10th  Jake Chandler

Girls 10-11 yrs

1st Milly Batten, 3rd Victoria Ward, 6th Sofia Sathio, 11th Amy Leneve, 15th  Leah Burnston 18th , 20th Lucy Chandler,21st  Grace Hill, 24th Amelia Newman, 26th Maya Kutty,  27th Holly Hopgood, 28th Olive Ullyatt, 29th Ciara-Lily Sturrock, 31st Olivia Perera, 32nd Simone Habben, 34th Poppy Chandler

Boys 10-11 yrs

3rd Ethan Bennett,5th James Madden, 6th Nathan Bull, 8th  Alex Walton, 10th Ashley Burnard, 16th Thomas Macfadyen, 17th  Hamish Lindsay, 19th  Thomas Crew, 24th Oakley Clarke, 26th  Tyler Rose

Girls 12-13 yrs

5th Ella Anderson, 15th Liberty West, 18th Ysabella Foster,  22nd Olivia Ward, 23rd India Bari, 26th Kelsey Mills, 27th  Chloe Davis

Boys 12-13 yrs

11th Thomas Kelly, 14th Oliver Clements

Girls 14-15 yrs

7th  Suzanna Burt, 9th Abbie Wilson, 10th Abigail Wales

Boys 14-15 yrs

4th Jacob Batchelor, 6th Joseph Parkes