5th Sofia DIVING CUP 2014 – Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria was the location for Southampton Diving Academy’s 2014 Summer Team Trip.  With most of the11strong team fresh from their National finals in Sheffield, they then travelled to Bulgaria for the opportunity to gain valuable international experience in an outdoor pool.  The team also included two divers from a neighbouring club who train at Southampton under South East Region Talent Programme.  SDA competed against teams from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Kuwait, Turkey and Bulgaria and despite travelling with a small number of divers achieved the 3rd place team trophy.

The team arrived in Bulgaria and immediately headed for The Diana Pool for training.  For some, it was their first international trip and this team of confident divers, supported by experienced coaches Jack Clewlow, Chris Farrow showed self-assurance in both training and competition.

SDA’s Mollie James, diving in the Girls 16+ years won Silver medals on all three boards, 1m Springboard, 3m Springboard and Platform putting up some strong competition for the Russian gold medallist.

For Evelyna Johnson, diving in the girls 10/11 Years, this was her first international competition and her first experience of diving in an outdoor pool. She stayed composed and dived consistently, to take the bronze medal on 3m springboard and the Gold on Platform.

In the boys 12/13 years Rhys Crookes, put in strong set of dives on platform to claim the bronze medal.  Angus Kerr took the Bronze medal on 3m Springboard in the boys 10/11 years.

Diving in the boys 14/15 years, Max Cott, who was performing some new dives from the 10m platform, won the silver medal in his platform event.

The SDA divers put in some great performances with teammates Scott Palmer, William Osborne and Cameron Gammage also all achieving a top 6 placing.

Senior Coach Jack Clewlow said “Travelling overseas always creates an extra challenge for our divers and the other European Countries were very strong, but SDA showed great strength and team spirit.


Girls 10/11 Years

Evelyna Johnson: 1m  5th, 3m 3rd 5m Platform 1st.

Boys 10/11 Years

Angus Kerr: 1m  7th, 3m 3rd, 5m Platform 4th

Boys 12/13 Years

Ryhs Crookes 1m 11th, 3m 8th, Platform 3rd. Cameron Gammage 1m 8th, 3m 10th, Platform 5th.

Boys 14/15 Years

Max Cott: 1m 4th, 3m 5th, Platform 2nd, Scott Palmer: 1m 5th, 3m 6th, Platform 7th, William Osborne 1m 6th, 3m 10th, Platform 8th.

Girls 16+ Years

Mollie James: 1m 2nd, 3m 2nd, Platform 2nd.

Boys 16+ Years

Thomas Graham: 1m 10th, 3m 8th.