G Star 2017

G Star Diving Competition 2017

On the 16th of March, the Southampton Diving Academy’s Junior Elite Squad, accompanied by coaches Lindsey Fraser and Jack Clewlow, travelled to Leeds, competing in the fiercely competitive G Star Diving Competition, held in Leeds. The event attracts the best junior divers in the UK and included Commonwealth and Olympic divers, as well as competitors from America and Ireland. This year Southampton Diving Academy entered a team of 14 divers, some of whom were competing for the 1st time at this level.
The young Southampton divers in the 12 to 13 age category all produced amazing results. Each year, the coaches from all dive teams vote on a diver who has impressed them the most throughout the event and this year, the accolade and the ‘Gavin Brown’ trophy was awarded to Southampton diver, Robbie Lee. Gavin was a member of Leeds diving in his formative years and then SDA, from 2005 onwards. He was tragically killed, aged just 22, by a hit and run driver in 2007. He was a talented young man and was a big character on the diving circuit. Coaches across the country hope to inspire their divers in the way that Gavin inspired all he dived with. This was a huge achievement for Robbie and the first time a Southampton Diving Academy member has been awarded this trophy.
Robbie reached the final in all 3 of his events, achieving 2 gold medals on the 1 and 3 metre springboards and a bronze medal on the platform. Joining Robbie on the 12 to 13 category medal table were Leon Baker and Milo French. Leon also reached the final in all 3 of his events, achieving a silver medal on the 3 metre springboard in an extremely close competition with Robbie and 6th place in the 1 metre springboard and the platform events. Competing in the platform event, Milo was placed 1st in the preliminary competition and achieved a silver medal in the final, along with a 6th place in the 3 metre springboard event.
Continuing the run of success on the springboard events, Cameron Gammage achieved a silver medal on the 1 metre and a 4th place medal on the 3 metre, competing in the highly competitive boys 14 to 15 age category.
Southampton Diving Academy also enjoyed success in the girls 16+ category, with Gemma McArthur achieving silver medal on the platform event and a 6th place on the 1 metre springboard event. Both Tanya Watson and Emily Martin joined Gemma in the platform final, gaining 4th and 5th place in a closely fought and exciting battle.
The Southampton coaches were extremely pleased with how the team performed and particularly with how the divers supported each other throughout a long and tiring event.