2013 National Age Group Championships – Ponds Forge, Sheffield

Divers from Southampton Diving Academy brought back a clutch of medals from the 2013 National Age Group Championships last weekend. As a country-wide event it brings together all the top divers at this level to compete for National titles. A large Southampton contingent of 22 divers travelled to Ponds Forge, Sheffield and returned with 11 medals overall and coach Chris Farrow was also awarded the top coach trophy.

The first day of competition saw most of the team pair up for the synchro event and the SDA teams showed their strength winning 2 golds and a silver in the boys events. In the boys 8-13 years 1m springboard event two SDA pairings battled for the gold medal until the very last dive. Brandon Foster and Angus Kerr eventually won the gold with only a 0.04 point margin ahead of team mates Theo Barnes and Rhys Crookes in silver position. In the boys 14-18 years 3m springboard event the SDA pair of Thomas Graham & Scott Palmer won gold on the last dive after a closely fought battle with a pairing from West Wilstshire Diving Club.

After his initial gold medal win, 12 year old Brandon Foster went on to secure a medal in each event brining home four medals in total. Diving in the boys 12/13 years Brandon could only be matched by one other diver in the platform event where he executed a fantastic inward two and half somersaults for the first time in competition to earn 51.50 points and the silver medal leaving a 24 point gap between himself and 3rd place. William Osborne also dived consistently throughout this platform event to win the bronze medal. Foster was strong again in the 3m Springboard event winning bronze. He also secured the bronze medal in the 1m Springboard just nudging team mate Robbie Brodie into 4th place.

Also taking confidence from his gold synchro medal, Thomas Graham performed a steady list of dives in the boys 14/15 years 1m Springboard and Platform events to secure bronze medals in both events.

Angus Kerr won his second medal of the weekend in the boys 10/11 years 5m platform event demonstrating incredible consistency throughout this very competitive event.

In the girls 12/13 Years Platform event Lucy Hawkins secured a bronze medal after performing an excellent inward two and half somersaults form 7.5metres in the last round which scored almost 50 points and lifted her from 7th place to bronze medal position.

This National event sees the divers having to compete on all three boards and with most of the divers taking part in the Synchro event this year; they competed on all four days. The team responded to the challenge and it was pleasing that so many divers brought home medals.

Full Results
Boys 8-13 1m Springboard Synchro Angus Kerr & Brandon Foster 1st, Rhys Crookes &Theo Barnes 2nd, Thomas Bailey & Dylan Lakeman-Brown 5th, Elliot Moorhouse & Tyler Lane 7th

Boys 14/18 3m Springboard Synchro Thomas Graham & Scott Palmer 1st

Girls 8-13 1m Springboard Synchro Sophie Kinnard & Lucy Hawkins 4th, Jade Brindley & Tanya Watson 7th, Katie McArthur & Ellen Morrow 12th

Girls 8/11 Years 1m Springboard Lauren Bailey 6th

Boys 8/11 Years 1m Springboard Angus Kerr 5th, Cameron Gammage 17th

Girls 12/13 Years 1m Springboard Sophie Kinnard 7th, Tanya Watson 21st, Lucy Hawkins 25th, Ellen Morrow 32nd, Jade Brindley 33rd, Katie McArthur 38th

Boys 12/13 Years 1m Springboard Brandon Foster 3rd, Robbie Brodie 4th, Rhys Crookes 5th, Tyler Lane 7th, Theo Barnes 13th, William Osbourne 20th, Elliot Moorhouse 22nd, Dylan Lakeman-Brown 24th, Thomas Bailey 25th

Girls 14/15 Years 1m Springboard Amy Pritchard 11th

Boys 14/15 Years 1m Springboard Thomas Graham 3rd, Scott Palmer 12th

Girls 16/18 Years 1m Springboard Eleanor Phillips 5th

Girls 8/11 Years 3m Springboard Lauren Bailey 8th

Boys 8/11 Years 3m Springboard Angus Kerr 4th, Cameron Gammage 9th

Girls 12/13 Years 3m Springboard Sophie Kinnard 9th, Lucy Hawkins 12th, Tanya Watson 15th , Ellen Morrow 29th, Katie McArthur 33rd

Boys 12/13 Years 3m Springboard Brandon Foster 3rd, Rhys Crookes 6th, ,Robbie Brodie 7th, Theo Barnes 11th, William Osbourne 17th, Elliot Moorhouse 18th , Dylan Lakeman-Brown 22nd, Tyler Lane 23rd, Thomas Bailey 26th

Girls 14/15 Years 3m Springboard Amy Pritchard 13th

Boys 14/15 Years 3m Springboard Thomas Graham 5th , Scott Palmer 8th

Girls 16/18 Years 3m Springboard Eleanor Phillips 6th

Girls 8/11 Years 5m Platform Lauren Bailey 6th

Boys 8/11 Years 5m Platform Angus Kerr 3rd, Cameron Gammage 15th

Girls 12/13 Years Platform Lucy Hawkins 3rd, Sophie Kinnard 9th, Katie McArthur 10th, Ellen Morrow 17th, Jade Brindley 20th, Tanya Watson 34th

Boys 12/13 Years Platform Brandon Foster 2nd , ,William Osbourne 3rd, Elliot Moorhouse 4th, Rhys Crookes 11th, Tyler Lane 14th , Theo Barnes 15th, Dylan Lakeman-Brown 16th, Thomas Bailey 20th

Girls 14/15 Years Platform Amy Pritchard 10th

Boys 14/15 Years Platform Thomas Graham 3rd, Scott Palmer 5th

Girls 16/18 Years Platform Eleanor Phillips 8th