Media release for Southampton Diving Academy

Gavin Brown Love To Dive

Members of Southampton Diving Academy were victors on their own turf when they took the team trophy at the recent "Gavin Brown Love to Dive" competition, held at their home pool.

Taking 15 medals between them, the divers gave a very strong performance, taking on 7 other clubs from across the South of England and winning the team event with 213 points against their nearest rivals, Crystal Palace Diving Club, who scored 138.

Top achievers on the team were Danielle Barnes (12), Liam Gibson (14), Brandon Foster (6), Scott Palmer (8) and James Mortimore (14), who all took gold medals in their events.

Opening with an armswing forward jump off the 1m springboard that attracted scores of 6 from the judges, Brandon went on to perform a steady list of dives, his consistency earning him his title.

Scott's inward dive from 1m was his crowning glory helping him to pull ahead of the crowd and take the gold with a comfortable margin.

Rewarding her excellent attitude to training, Danielle pulled all the stops out to give a performance that put her well ahead of her rivals. Again consistency played a large part in her success.

Liam took the title in the boys' 14 18 years springboard event with the highest boys' score of the day. Never scoring below a 5, he showed that he is capable of a very creditable performance which should now take him into the next level of competition.

Team mate James also showed his potential on highboard, managing to produce a solid list of dives which earned him the top slot over some very close rivals.

The competition was the second of its kind to be held at the pool and had been renamed in memory of diver and coach Gavin Brown, who was tragically killed last April in a hit and run accident at the age of 22. Members of the squad he had coached at the Quays formed part of the organising team and starred in a display staged at lunchtime.

A former colleague, Phil Robinson, had travelled from Gavin's home town, Bradford, to present a trophy which had been donated by Cannon's Leisure in his name. The award was presented to Jessica Mitchell (11) from Crystal Palace Diving Club for her forward dive with tuck from the 3m springboard, which attracted the highest "raw score" (ie the number of points before multiplication by the degree of difficulty) of any dive in the meet. Jessica's mother explained how much this meant to her daughter. "Jessica was totally amazed to be given such a beautiful trophy and is absolutely delighted with it."

Lead coach at the meet, Louise Alderman, was delighted with the success of the day. "We had such a good turnout it was a real challenge ensuring the day went smoothly," she said. "But it was a great success, made all the more enjoyable by seeing so many of our divers outdo themselves and put in some excellent performances. Gavin would have been proud to have been honoured in this way."

Full results:
Danielle Barnes, gold; Megan Cornish, 10th; Georgia Farr, 12th; Monika Sakkas, 13th; Sarah Burnett, 12th; Charly Capon, 8th; Samantha Giles, 11th; Stephanie Smallwood, 6th; Hannah Milam 10th; Aimee Coppin, 8th; Miranda Dibden, 4th; Georgia Freeman, 9th; Amy Pritchard, 5th; Camran Duffy, 12th; Nicholas Egg, 10th; Jordan Gregson, bronze; Kieran Sharley, 13th; Harry Talbot, 7th; Kye Viney, 4th; Callum Weldon, 8th; Kieran Angove, 4th; Callum-Lee Barnes, 8th; Matthew Goddard, 9th; Aaron Knight, 5th; Edward Quinton, 11th; Christopher Wright, 10th; James Adam, bronze; Liam Gibson, gold; David Howes, 4th; James Mortimore, silver; Callum Swann, 6th; Brandon Foster, gold; Billy Pook, silver; Peter Dowse, bronze; Robbie Brodie, 8th; Harrie Collins, 6th; Max Cott, 4th; William Osborne, silver; Scott Palmer, gold; Thomas Wrightson, 5th
Danielle Barnes, 4th; Megan Cornish, 6th; Stephanie Smallwood, bronze; Jordan Gregson, bronze; Liam Gibson, bronze; James Mortimore, gold; Max Cott, 4th; Scott Palmer, silver

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