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*****Breaking News*****
Following an application for funding made back in the summer through Cash4Clubs, a funding incentive for sports clubs run by SportsAid and Betfair (who feature our very own Emily Martin in their “Support the next” campaign), we are delighted to announce that we have been awarded £1000 to be spent on new crash mats in our Dry Land facility. I’m sure you’ll agree that this is fantastic news and that all of our divers across the board (no pun intended) will benefit hugely from something better to land on! Huge thanks to Betfair and the Cash4Clubs scheme for this award; proof that funding schemes for local communities really do work.

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Welcome to the website for the Southampton Diving Academy based in the Quays Swimming and Diving Complex.

The Quays is run by Active Nation and home to a programme that caters for complete beginners up to Olympic divers.  If you’re interested in learning to dive, please click here to visit the Active Nation website.

The SDA is the competitive wing for the Quay’s diving programme and we have a competition structure that straddles from beginners all the way to national elite level and hosts five competitions per year.